A day of baby

Mode of living one day at preschool children Kiddy are geared towards development goals: physical, cognitive, skills


Vui chơi là nhu cầu quan trọng nhất đối với việc học của trẻ lứa tuổi mầm non. Vì thông qua trò chơi giúp kích thích trẻ khám phá


Dinh dưỡng cho trẻ ở lứa tuổi mầm non vô cùng quan trọng, vì nó ảnh hưởng trực tiếp đến sự phát triển của bé

Welcome to Kiddy Preschool

With the principle of respect of education of the child the difference, we consider “every child is unique.” Therefore, activities such as the construction of the school curriculum, learning how to arrange the corner, … comes from the respect that difference. We learn personal effort-based school, hobbies, dreams of children in order to support and create conditions for the child to maximize its intrinsic capabilities.

  • Teachers have good professional competence, enthusiasm, love children
  • Modern environment, safety, clean air
  • Process childcare is always monitoring and professional management
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Activities for babies in Kiddy Preschool

Common activities

Teacher provides little new knowledge in the discipline in the program

Get familiar English

Organization for children to become familiar with the language from the simple lessons or games

Gifted Activity

Baby develop their talents through coloring activities, aerobics …

Exercise breaks

Exercise lightly to help children develop the maximum height and disease prevention

Personal hygiene

They will be given training skills for personal hygiene and self-service workers

Outdoor play

Organize activities to ensure compliance with the awareness and development of the baby

Some pictures at Kiddy Nursery

Fun activities is one of the types of activities in preschool children, is a key activity of preschool children are adult organizations and guidelines to help children meet the needs and perceptions play, and to educate and develop the whole child.

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