A day of baby



These years have affected small extremely important for the child’s later development. What they earned during this period will be the basis to make up the difference in the result later.
At this stage, children perceive the world in a natural way and actively. We enjoy and actively observe, explore, imagine, search, research, information gathering, cooperation, sharing knowledge at the level and scale of their way suitable for every age and characteristics of the development phase.
In particular, the positive interaction between the child and the teacher, the child and the classmates are extremely important, to promote children’s learning process through the streets playing and learning environment plan in excitement and safety.
So, at the Duc Tri, children learn whether the framework program by the Ministry of Education and Training regulations or lessons learned by content enhanced and supplemented by the school, all working towards the following objectives:


Physical development

Health is the first factor and the most important for preschool age children. You need to get a healthy body, have good resistance, through adequate diet and nutritional balance, movement lessons through physical education, and health care operations daily healthy school children.

Cognitive Development

At this age, children should gain rudimentary knowledge, understanding of the man-made environment and the natural environment. Classroom lessons will help children to observe, recognize and express their views on the world around us close, environment gradually expanded homeland, nation.


Language plays an important role for the development of thinking and learning of children. Activity of child language richer, more and more children’s vocabulary, the ability to listen, speak, read and write fluently child as pure. Children develop language through games like acting, singing, reading poetry, reading books, … will help children practice the communication skills, express needs, thoughts and feelings …

Emotional development – social

In this period, children learn self-awareness through the relationship with the world around them. To do that children should know about the basic social rules, such as holidays means, order from which the idea of ​​right and wrong in the child’s moral behavior. The lessons in schools will help children at this stage know politely. Beloved person under, respectful of people around, compromise and respect everyone around …

Aesthetic Development

At this age children represent a natural and pure thoughts and his feelings of beauty in the way children think. Therefore we need to provide opportunities for children to express themselves freely, as they create, play, express ideas and feelings through different media such as music and painting, dance, play few…

Each child has different learning styles, as well as interested in different things, and the ability of each child is different. So the school is always working to improve and develop educational content best suited to maximize the capabilities of each child, actually towards the mission and goal of “building student educational environment development full.”


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