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Go to Kindergarten kiddy, children selected Talents subjects matching the aspirations, their interests. Through the talent department, the baby will have a baggage confident, healthier and more comfortable life. Participation in sports activities will arts help children develop a comprehensive mental and physical.
To learn the skills department, invites parents to learn to sign up for the children involved.

Children’s Dance is a gentle form of exercise but flexible. The innocence of the children chatter shown very interesting in new training programs, helping them develop important skills such as the original: Health supple, organs in her body will develop the best way to help prevent common diseases in children to young, dynamic, self-confidence, increase self-sufficiency in life. Physical development that sets the shape and mental balance fun, innocent, innocent baby that is the rhythm to soak the crowd and confidence in life. Unlike other subjects require a certain mindset, baby dance help liberate the body, sense of music in a most primitive and the most receptive baby in all artistic disciplines.


Aerobics exercise regularly helps strengthen the muscles related to the respiratory process. Enhancing and strengthening the heart muscle. Moreover, Aerobic Exercises resolution enhance fat during exercise, increases blood circulation high.

Understand the importance of aerobic for preschool, Kindergarten Kiddy designed a school yard aerobic aptitudes suit baby’s preschool while ensuring the safety criteria for joining baby class.

3. VO

Martial: With so many benefits, such as strength training, endurance, agility, discipline … martial also parents invest little attention. Taekwondo (Tai Chi religion) is the martial arts originating from Korea, are tactics in the limbs. Combine arm and leg movements train them flexibility, endurance health, acumen in service activities for a better life.

4. Painting

Art school is also an interesting option for the baby. Drawing helps children develop thinking cubes, promote creativity and evoke the rich imagination of children.

Art also helps children practice the ability to convey thoughts, his feelings through different dialect. Exposure to rich colors also help children get a taste and ability to evaluate the beauty, through which the development of young EQ.

Your child will be learning opportunity drawing drop imagination, colorful world will help smooth young soul, this course helps little more sensitive to beauty.


In life trees are very common organ, it will bring us the sound of most musical instruments in the world, as well as the sound carries the breath of life, such as sea waves, birds singing, the streams … Organ plays a very important role in the cultural meetings, parties, extracurricular activities.

Kiddy nursery school children instructed each child a caring, rehearsed and remedial posture, proper technique fingers through the finger exercises. Teachers will teach the children the exercises from simple to complex.

Our program to promote optimal effect of music, through the above training courses themselves, cultivates character, applying the lessons of male subjects in the academic courses. Help kids love music more, softer and more learning principles.

For children 3-6 years old to learn the organ is very appropriate because at this stage the child’s auditory thrive particularly headphones, musical intuition.


Equipped with modern systems of modern computers use LCD screen with high configuration. This will be where the child is exposed to the knowledge of the most modern way and the easiest. Children are directly looking, watching things, been listening to sounds, hearing the pronunciation, the wording with the help of a teacher.

Computers also help children reach early, get acquainted with modern computer equipment later, facilitate maximum learning, exchange of young researchers later things.


No one can deny that swimming is a sport has many benefits and is essential in everyday life. For children, baby swimming not only helps physical development, improve their health, but also help children protect life in the aquatic environment.

With modern pool systems, and clean water treatment system to ensure the safety factor for the peace of mind you join classes at kindergartens kiddy pool.

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