Nutrition for preschool age children is extremely important, because it affects directly to the comprehensive development of their physical and mental, is the foundation for the development of the child later years.

A diet full of nutrients, but balanced, reasonable, safe sanitation, will be the platform to ensure children stay healthy, live happy, and is eligible to play, study.

Therefore, in Preschools Kiddy, research and build a menu for each meal as well as the entire hygiene, food safety … always stay important school and primary concern.

Clean kitchen system, fully equipped kitchen utensils, hygiene and safety. Our team of cooks and kitchen professionals are trained in nutrition and regular skills training for food safety and nutritional health.

In particular, at this age, children vary greatly in nutrition and how to eat. Young children in class (18 to 36 months), Class Nursery (3 to 4 years), Grade Shoots (4 to 5 years), Grade Leaves (5 to 6 years), every age needs of the composition and quantity of nursing substantially different. Not to mention the child’s table manners are different, eat pasty, mushy, grinding, water, rice grains, rice broken … Therefore, the construction menu with reasonable and necessary to ensure nutrition, help them appeal the best collection is of primary concern for school children’s health.


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