Outdoor Activities

Is an indispensable activity of daily living mode of the child. By through which children are exposed, close to nature, breathe fresh air, discover simultaneously, satisfy the child’s curiosity … Specifically, preschool Happiness, activities outdoor activities are organized in a rich and diverse.

Sometimes just the simple activities such as: Let the children play slides, a ball, keep balance with sand bags, walking around the yard, watering plants, performance, identify trees, flowers, birds in the campus, or explore the types of cars parked near the school yard … close to your baby, can also be more sophisticated activities such as: Give your baby go sunbathing, park outings, participation Folk games…

Since then, many infant formed good habits such as: Loading the player, known to help each other when participating in group activities, independent form habits … So in the activities of daily teaching and learning Kiddy kindergartens indispensable organizing outdoor activities for children.

Some pictures of outdoor activities at Kiddy Nursery School:





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