Teach children how to properly dispose of garbage

Each person is responsible for keeping the Earth clean, including children in any degree to the brain. It’s never too early to talk to children about environmental issues such as pollution, recycling products or littering. In particular, in cities children were familiar with uncontrolled waste image on pavement, grass or pavement. So children need to understand that garbage is not always possible to throw.


Explain to children littering action

The first step in teaching kindergarteners understand this term. If the child does not understand what is littering will not be able to act properly. So we need to introduce the need to dispose of waste in the trash properly. If possible, bring your parents out a specific example of the actions of littering, as witnessed by their children will better understand this action. Of particular importance is the awareness of adults, if a child is often seen parents throw garbage in contravention of regulations, we will also follow.

Reading about the litter problem

Literature is an effective tool in teaching children about the new themes. For example, when discussing the issue trash, littering and keep the planet clean, adults can read them stories about this issue. For example, the book “Too many junk” by Fulvio Testa is the story of two boys who were sent to the garbage and found garbage everywhere present. That is the book exaggerated the problems of waste and the consequences will happen if we do not act right.

Surely after the story, children will have questions around the issue of waste. This will be a great opportunity for the two sides to the discussion, a better understanding of the child’s previous comments all issues. Pose relevant questions such as: Why littering bad? How to prevent this? …

Paintings created Earth Day

Many young children will very quickly forget the advice or the advice of their parents. So, adults can help them become more aware of the problem of littering by creating posters, paintings revolve around this topic for children to color, or ask them to write these thoughts paper.

Go on a picnic

This is the best way to help children to better appreciate the garbage problem. Before leaving, the parents pointed out a list of everything you need (including a trash bag). As to the picnic spot, you can spend some time looking at the pulse and identify the nearest trash can, remind kids need to clean up after meals, have fun.

It took 21 days

When starting a new habit, children also need to have time. In particular, the formation of the consciousness not littering for children need about 21 days. Therefore, the need to monitor and remind them about this issue. Do not forget to reward the good angels have completed this difficult task to clean up the planet.

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